CCPA for WordPress websites

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Don't break the law

Website visitors from California are protected by the CCPA.

Inform Californians about tracking

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may affect how your website is allowed to track users from California. Inform them about the tracking technologies you use.

Give them the option to block tracking

Offer them an easy way to opt-out of tracking. 

Show a “Do not sell my personal information” button.

Change consent

Give your users an easy way to control how tracking works at any time. 

Let them change their consent if they wish so. 

ConsentMagic can help you with CCPA and tracking

ConsentMagic has a built-in CCPA Rule with many smart settings.

Inform and Opt-Out

Inform your California visitors about your website’s tracking technologies.

They will see a message about tracking, with the option to “Accept all”, or individually turn ON/OFF various categories.

Scan your website

ConsentMagic scans your website for cookies and scripts. 

You can inform your visitors about what tracking technology and show a complete list with your cookies.

ConsentMagic also helps you generate a comprehensive Data Policy. 

Change consent

You can enable a small popup that will let your users to review and change their consent.

Consent can also be modified from the Data Policy page.

This option can be implemented anywhere using a shortcode.

Smart features

Persuade your visitors to agree to tracking with these smart features:

Use a small bar or popup

Inform your California visitors about tracking. Use a small popup, that is easy to see, but is not annoying. 


Target the right people

Show each visitor the correct message, depending on their location.


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