Google Fonts and GDPR

Inform, ask permission, replace Google Fonts API if permission is not granted

What is Google Fonts API

Google Fonts API is a visualisation service that allows websites to use fonts hosted on Google's servers.

Does Google Fonts API track your website's visitors?

Google Fonts doesn't use cookies to track website's visitors, and Google maintains that they don't track any data. However, if Google Fonts API is used to host the fonts, it's possible that users IPs are passed to Google.

Is Google Fots API GDPR compliant?

A german court decided that the leak of IP addresses to Google Fonts API is a breach of​ GDPR and the websites was fined.

Google Fonts and ConsentMagic

ConsentMagic helps you with Google Fonts API

Scan the website

ConsentMagic will scan your site for scripts and cookies and detects if the Google Fonts API is used.

Inform your visitors

Our consent messages will include information about the use of Google Fonts, and ask for visitors’ permission.

Replace Google Fonts API

If the visitor doesn’t agree to the use of Google Fonts, ConsentMagic will replace the Google Fonts API with self-hosted fonts.

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